Nowadays, notaries public serve legality, certainty, speed, accuracy in the solutions provided.
Their expert assistance must be a crucial key factor in the successful and immediate removal of difficulties, rather than an aggravating one.
The specificity of a wide-ranging notaries public's firm is advising clients across a spectrum of different practice areas - corporate law, real estates, contract law, non-profit entities, successions and family law - with a highly-qualified competence and a constant cooperation with both Italian and foreign skilled professionals.
Independence it the remarkable, unique feature that characterize the notary public, a real referee both in the event of arbitration processes and in the prevention of pathological situations.
Studio Notarile Marchetti




Prof. Piergaetano Marchetti

          - of counsel

Dott. Renata Mariella

Prof. Carlo Marchetti

Dott. Carlotta Marchetti

Dott. Andrea De Costa




Avv. Matteo Sant'Ambrogio

Dott. Marzia Tomaello

Avv. Ludovica Mazzola

Avv. Maria Lucia Passador



Studio Notarile Marchetti
Studio Notarile Marchetti
Corporate Law
Corporate Governance
and Listed Companies
Legal assistance
during Shareholders' and Board of Directors' meetings
Mergers and Acquisitions
Banking Law and Financial Markets Law
Finance and Corporate Restructuring
National and International Contracts
Real Estate and Property Law
Law of Succession
Non-profit Entities



Studio Notarile Marchetti


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